Travel to the corners of the earth from sea to shining sea, visiting world renowned destinations and venturing with us into the unknown. Let the Indiana Jones in you be activated, the James Bond in you let loose, and the Amelia Earheart in you fly free! Before you know it you will have been to every continent of the world, tasted of the rarest delicacies, seen the poorest of conditions, been inspired by many, learned life-lessons, and grown into a person of vast experience. All of this and you won’t even have to leave your seat. This traveloging experience will do all of that and more as we go on this adventure together.

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Giving Up?

Are you giving up? A lot of people say giving up…

Why is this happening to me?! 

How many times have you asked yourself that…

The Road to Getting Back on the Road

This is for all of the ardent Travelers,…

Love is in the Air

At a time when it seems like much of the world is…


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