5 Star Jerusalem

Since arriving in Jerusalem right before the lockdown due to COVID-19 we have been hoping beyond hope for the restaurants to finally open, and at long last, we had our chance. It was time to go all out to the best restaurant in Jerusalem, and from what we had heard and seen on reviews, there was nothing better than Katy’s Restaurant in the city center. It was a very special occasion, the last chance for our good friend to be a single man until his wedding soon thereafter, so we naturally picked the best. By best, we mean THE BEST. We have eaten at nearly every restaurant one can eat in Jerusalem, but Katy’s Restaurant dwarfed them all. When you walk in, it instantly strikes you as refined, classy, and upscale, a truly Gatsby Esque establishment. Not only is it beautiful, but also warm, welcoming, and feels like home. After 45 years of business, Katy’s is still the highest quality 5-star dining around, the likes of which people rarely see in Israel and most of the world today

Even though we were very under-dressed for the occasion, we were still treated like kings, and even Katy herself graced us with her presence and gift of conversation. From the service to the entree, the main course, dessert, and wine, every bite and sip was savored and cherished. It was like a symphony of taste as the four of us with every bite made a noise that sounded something like, wow! That’s amazing! Each dish went perfectly with the next, like a masterclass of 5 star French Cuisine at the end of which both your face and stomach are stuck in a permanent smile. Last but not least like a cherry on top, there was tasteful and elegant music playing in the background. If you are looking for the best restaurant and best dining experience in Jerusalem, go to Katy’s, and you’ll be sure to come back for more.

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