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My passion has only grown not only to see the world become a better place, but to be the change everyday, in the small things and the big things. After being in so many nations, one thing that has struck me, even to tears at times is the unfathomable potential that every person has within themselves. It has been my great honor and privilege to see tens of thousands of people’s destinies unlocked and uncovered, and to see the broken and hopeless coming roaring back to life.









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There is a seed of greatness in you, it just needs the right soil, a little water, and some sunshine to see it grow to its full potential.

Lac de Neuchâtel

The Lac de Neuchâtel lies at the southern foot of the Jura mountains. The…

Boca Raton

Home to some of the most wealthy people in the United States and abroad,…


The river of Limmat runs all the way through Zurich from south to north out…


It’s difficult to put in one post the captivating and wondrous beauty of…

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