1st OW1P NFT collection

The Ancient Chayot

The Ancient Chayot is a collective art project inspired by ancient Hebrew culture. The 4 living creatures depicted are the very same as those so graphically depicted in the Tanach, the Bible. These mysterious 4 winged 4 faced guardian angles will stimulate your imagination and elevate your emotions, whilst giving you the freedom to express yourself in the atmosphere of heaven. Be transported to another world, another dimension both ancient and of the future full of liberation and grandeur.


What is an NFT?

NFTs are 'non-fungible tokens'. They are digital assets that reside on the blockchain. It provides irrefutable ownership of NFTs which means your NFTs are owned by you and it is tagged to your wallet address. You can buy and sell your asset freely.

Where I can find them?

We publish our collection in Opensea. To create an account you will need a MetaMask wallet and enough Ethereum to cover the mint cost + gas fees. Your NFT will appear in your wallet after a successful transaction.

What is the mint price?

The Ancient Chayot are available since 0.0109 ETH.

Our Team