Bali Rice Field

Beautiful Bali once again amazes with yet another place to enjoy and be at peace. Situated literally in the midst of a rice field beneath your own personal gazebo, enjoy being treated to some of Bali’s most famous and delectable dishes. Feast in the shade as traditional Balinese music plays in the background and the faint sound of the tall rice stalks rustling in the wind around you join in the chorus. It is a truly authentic and delicious experience outside the norm of the typical beach vibe setting allowing you to enjoy the lush nature of Bali at the same time. As well as a spot for scrumptious food, and a great atmosphere, the photo opportunities abound. If you get tired of the sand and sun, just remember Bali is a tropical paradise with thousands of places yet to be found and explored. This was yet another paradise within a paradise just waiting to be enjoyed, and we hope you will too. Stay tuned for more captivating experiences in Bali!

Stay Tuned