Cadiz: A Magical Spattering of Architecture

The oldest city in Europe, and one of the most beautiful, Cadiz, Spain will simply take your breath away. Settled in 1,100 BC and thriving ever since, the strategic port city is a magical spattering of architecture from Roman times all the way to the present. Even the likes of Christopher Columbus who set sail in 1492, consequently stumbling upon the Americas continent, came and went from the Port of Cadiz.

At the center of the city sits the Cathedral Nueva, a masterpiece of Spanish Baroque style and Neoclassical styles of the 18th century. When you visit you can climb to the top of the Torre de Poniente (tower) for views of the city and coastline. The massive dome of the Cathedral is 52 meters high and is one of the most iconic pieces of the Cadiz Skyline.

Boasting 129 watchtowers in total, you are bound to see exquisite views throughout the city, but arguably the best view is Torre Tavira which sits at the highest point of the city from where the treasure laden ships could be first spotted coming back from the Americas. You can also visit the Museum in the tower dedicated to the history of Cadiz. The city has no shortage of Museums, but by far the most popular is the Museum of Cadiz which houses ancient antiquities and fine art dating back to Phoenician and Roman times.

If history is not your cup of tea, then perhaps a stroll through the oldest Barrio of Cadiz, “El Populo” will suite your fancy with ancient cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, delicious tapas, good wine, impressive palaces, and even the ruins of a Roman Theater will have your five senses buzzing. There are many other barrios (neighborhoods) throughout Cadiz that are a must to explore, relax and enjoy with photo opportunities at every corner.

With magnificent white sand beaches on the coast of Cadiz, along with gorgeous walkways, and lovely seaside parks, and nearly year round warm sunny days you may feel the urge to stay. The charm of Cadiz and its friendly people put one’s mind at ease and is an invitation to shrug off any stress or busyness that tries to steel your peace and take up your time. Cadiz is a playground for exploration and relaxation all bundled into one and you are sure to have plenty of fun.

A place of grandiose history, culture, good vibes, good food, good wine, amazing weather, a picturesque coastline, and barrios that need days and weeks to fully enjoy, I’m beginning to wonder why I’m not still there myself. If Cadiz was not on your travel list before, be inspired to go to yet another fantastic place to explore. See you in Cadiz! Want to see more about Cadiz? Join our IG to see what else you are missing.

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