Welcome to Celanova, Spain

It’s travel time again, and Europe is the destination, more specifically, Spain. Do you know just how diverse Spain is and the outstanding beauty within its borders? You may not have seen it yet, but you will soon. As the country is so big and full of amazing surprises we will begin in the Northwest of Spain in a place called Celanova. Although it is a small city, its rich history and beauty will make you want to call Celanova home. It is in a unique region in Spain just outside the northern border of Portugal where many people speak a language called Austorian. People here also speak Castellano (Spanish), but Austorian is a language unto itself that has evolved over the centuries and had contributions from pre-Roman languages spoken by the Astures, an Iberian Celtic tribe, and the post-Roman Germanic languages of the Visigoths and Suevi.

At the heart of Celanova is the the Monastery of San Salvador de Celanova. It was founded by St. Rudesind (San Rosendo Mendez) in 936. The nave is considered the most perfect Galician Baroque church. Located at the garden of the Monastery (and only accessed through the guided visit of the whole building), there is a small Capel on Mozarabic style which is the only monument from the Spanish High Medieval Ages that hasn’t been modified since the X Century, and is the only building of this style in all of Northern Spain. It is well worth your while to take a look to admire such beautiful architecture and walk where so many devout men of God have been trained for centuries. Celanova, with its beautifully preserved ancient streets and many houses still sporting their coats of arms, it is like taking a step back in time, and be sure that the locals have no problem coming up to you and starting a conversation. It is a small town, and visitors don’t go unnoticed.

If 936 is not ancient enough for you though, the nearby Castro (Pre-Roman Citadel) of Castromao takes you back all the way to the times of the Roman Empire. Seated atop the high place of Celanova, one can still see the remains of circular stone houses and other buildings of that time. Be sure to catch the sunset from here as you can see the entire region encircled by mountains and what looks like a ring of fire around the entire land. With a little bit of imagination you can see what life would have been like more than two thousand years ago. Back in town don’t forget to visit the main plaza as well as the House of Poets Museum which displays the works of Xosé Luis Méndez Ferrín who was born in Celanova and other famous poets which gives you a feel for true and unique Galician literature. Another trip just 15 Kilometers outside of Celanova is the Bande Hot Springs which are free to use anytime you like in the open fresh air. Some people prefer to take a dip at night in and star gaze while they are at it.

Lastly, we highly highly recommend one of the few hotels in Celanova called ACOUGA Hotel Boutique. It is brand new, with the best service we have had after traveling to more than 80 countries. Its architecture incorporates both the original design along with an ultra modern look, very big rooms, great views, and breakfast is made fresh for you every morning to perfection as you enjoy the garden outside. The hotel is in the very center of town and only a stones throw away from the Monastery. Seriously though, you need to stay at this hotel, it’s amazing. Overall Celanova is a must see stop on your soon road trip through Spain and gives you a look into life outside of Spain’s major cities where you feel warmly welcomed by all. See you soon in Celanova!

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