Coffee in Hanoi

Walking down the busy streets of the Old Town in Hanoi, Vietnam one can’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of bonafide coffee shops and cafes. Each place has its own unique style and specialty that will have you stopping to taste every block or two. No coffee chains here! Famous for its “Egg Coffee”, each shop in Hanoi takes pride in this hand made delicacy, doing their best to win you over and beat out the competition. The must have “Vietnamese Coffee” either on ice or steaming hot mixed in with sweet condensed milk is both heart pounding and smile inducing. Top it off with some of Vietnam’s world famous single origin roasts and you’ll feel like you can run a marathon. Don’t forget to pair it with authentic french pastries made fresh throughout the city, and be sure to look closely for the hidden places, as often times the smallest cafes tucked away in an alley are the best in town.

Great coffee is just the icing on the cake in Hanoi where there is great shopping at even better prices, delicious food, and iconic tourist destinations. You could easily spend a month in Vietnam and see only a small piece of the truly spell binding beauty of the country.

We hope you enjoy Vietnam as much as we did and sample the some of the best coffee in the world to your delight!

Stay Tuned