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Bali is synonymous with far more than beautiful beaches, luxury villas, amazing weather, tropical jungles, picturesque waterfalls, and delicious cuisine. Almost any coffee shop in the world worth a visit will have Balinese coffee ready to deliver your daily dose of aromatic wake up and start day cup of joe. On our recent visit to Bali, we stopped by the biggest Starbucks in South East Asia. I know what your thinking, Starbucks isn’t the best coffee joint around, but this one was a Starbucks Reserve. The difference is like comparing a Toyota to a Porsche, no offense to Toyota. With exotic single origin coffees and multiple manual brew methods, the coffee is noticeably better than your average Starbucks Coffee, and while you wait there are display son the first and second floors showing you the step by step process the coffee goes through to finally get in your cup, as well as a tribute to the partnerships around the world. When you go, give yourself an hour or so to relax and try a delicious gourmet desert while your at it. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and when your finished, take that 5 minute walk to the pristine white sand beaches Bali is so famous for.

The next coffee stop was first begotten in Ibiza, Spain, one of the most famous beach clubs in the world, Cafe Del Mar. We paid a hefty entrance fee, but when we entered we understood why. The stretch of beach laid out in front of the Cafe/Club/ Resort was phenomenal with all of the amenities of a five star resort plus a full size stadium concert stage and DJ booth for custom music while you lounge. We had arrived during brunch time and were able to have a full meal with great coffee and even some homemade Kombucha for the road. If you like to relax, enjoy good food and coffee, and dance at a high end place with great service, Cafe Del Mar is the place you need to be. Your Bali experience will be what you make it as the possibilities are endless, but one thing you will be sure not to lack is superb coffee. Stay tuned for more mouth water and eye pleasing posts to come!

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