Crossing Into New Promise

As the future of our world is faced with monumental challenges that cannot be tackled by any one nation alone, what many are seeing as upheaval is in truth a once in a generation opportunity for a brand new more prosperous planet. The entire globe, ready or not, has reached a tipping point, the ships of the past have been burned at the shore, and crossing over into a new world reality is the only way forward. But how is that done and are we on track to see a successful transition into this brave new world together?

Unity Is Not Enough

Doing the same old thing and putting a new logo and expiration date on the package makes a thing look new, and when presented in unity as the next big thing is not only insane, but actually exacerbates the grave issues we are currently facing in terms of climate change, global finance and economy, food and energy scarcity, and the list goes on. We must not fail our generation by repackaging and reselling, but instead be arbiters of revolutionary thinking that meet the severity of the issues we face creatively and effectively. To say this will be and is already an uncomfortable reality we face is an understatement, but all the reason more to embrace the discomfort and be the pioneering generation of thought and solutions that are not only sustainable but explosive in nature.

We must give the less heard a chance, the ones who have already developed new systems in terms of economic growth and the innovators who have already plowed far afield in this new digital age that will define this next decade. We as one generation, meaning from 1-100 years old, are being called to pull together and run together to discover the full potential of what the future holds.

Multipolar World

While the world divides itself along ideological, political, economic, and military lines, a great sense of uncertainty blankets the world despite the great opportunities that present themselves. If we do not come together then we see the real possibility of this generation being torn apart at its seems, setting back society instead of moving us forward. Only if we stand up boldly and speak in no uncertain terms of the reality of what we face, then we have only ourselves to blame. The great global power struggle is here, and we are being called to be the glue and mortar that holds together the hope and great promise for the future of our collective planet and global family. Let us come together and prove the naysayers and dooms-dayers wrong, that this will indeed be humanities finest hour. Be the answer.