DYD Indonesia TOUR

We believe that now is the time for Indonesia to arise and shine on the world stage, and we understand that the backbone of the awakening of the nation is the youth. We have a huge love for Indonesia, and we see clearly that the enormous potential for this country has yet to be fully realized. The eyes of the world are shifting to Indonesia. In the Discover Your Destiny Tour we want to bring light, purpose, peace, unity, action and empowerment to the soon to be leaders of the nation. We have already begun making visits to Universities and have seen heart warming and jaw dropping breakthrough.

When we return to Indonesia in October the tour will officially begin, and we will be speaking at Universities throughout the land, giving students and leaders practical tools to discover who they are, and stir up the greatness within them.

"If you know who you are meant to be, and do what you called to do, then you will be the you you were made to be."

The Discover Your Destiny Tour will be a time of realization that will build a foundation of confident young educated Indonesians who in knowing themselves better, will be equipped not only to show others how to do the same, but to also speak to the identity of Indonesia and activate the DNA of greatness in every realm of society. Join us on this epic journey through Indonesia and see the youth arise in confidence and assurance of self to make Indonesia shine on the world stage.

Stay Tuned