Gibraltar: One of a Kind

If you want to visit one of the most unique places in the world, Gibraltar will be in the top 3 at least. A British territory for more than 300 hundred years located on the southern tip of Spain in the strait of Gibraltar, this small city basically makes no sense. However, it is famed for quite a few things including the Rock, which towers over the small port city of roughly 30,000 people at 465 meters in height. It is a wonder to behold and has made Gibraltar one of the most sought after strategic strongholds for centuries.

Gibraltar is not only beautiful and has great weather as well as being a very British, English speaking territory connected to Spain, but is also completely tax free. If the beautiful nature, charming people, and the only wild monkey population in Europe don’t attract you, then tax free surely will. Things in the UK like cigarettes, alcohol, clothing, and everything else costs at least twice as much as it does in the UK, another good reason to make a trip to Gibraltar soon.

Also, at the top of the Gibraltar Rock you are able to snap a picture of yourself with the Mediterranean on one side and the Atlantic on the other, maybe even with a monkey. The citizens of Gibraltar speak the Queens English, usually Spanish as well, but also a very unique dialect called Llanito. To enter Gibraltar you have to drive through the airport runway which is one of the smallest international airports in the world.

The beaches are majestic, the food is delicious, there are no taxes, all religions in Gibraltar coexist peacefully, and it is a very safe place. All in all you should go there! There is no other place like it in the world and one week is enough to get the full experience and if you wish to stay longer it will be worth it to say the least. Hope to see you soon in Gibraltar!

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