Are you giving up? A lot of people say giving up is a bad thing, but we are here to tell you it is the best thing you can do! Yep, and addictions are good too!

BTW, don’t tell your parents or loved we told you this until you read the whole thing! This phrase, “Give Up” has been highjacked by pessimists and negative thinkers, and It’s time to shove back in their faces. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I gave up on fear a long time ago!”? Probably not. Or “I give up on anxiety, it was killing me.”? Nope. It’s time to take back this phrase! We would never in our right minds make the choice to give up the things that gives us motivation, hope, peace, joy, happiness, freedom, etc.

Some people and the world in general are all about trying to make us give up on the good things and get addicted to the bad things.

Today is the day that we say to the haters and the world at large, “$&%@ YOU!” Those four symbols bunched together, LOVE. Gotcha:) The only things we choose to give up on is hate that divides, un-forgiveness and pride that tears families and friends apart. We give up on fear that leads to stupid decisions, and we give up on worry and anxiety that doesn’t add one single day to our lives.

We give up on all these things that waste our precious time and lead us down a path to failure. Yea we give up on failure too, because every supposed failure is just another lesson learned and battle scar to show to others so they don’t do the same.

So are you Giving Up or have you decided to never quit the things that make life suck? Are you addicted to the things that build you up or beat you down? It’s time to give up and be an addict! But do it the opposite way the world teaches you. You are a winner, and if you have fallen a million times it gives you a giant head start on the people who haven’t. Give up on listening to people and society that says you are nothing. Give up on thinking they are right, and watch your life do a complete 180 into the clouds instead of into the dirt. Get addicted to the things that fuel your dreams and make them a reality.

Now you can tell your parents and loved ones why you are sick and tired of life as it is, and that you are giving up and becoming an addict! Just make sure you give them the details afterward:)