Halong Bay: Descending Dragon

Made up of 1969 Islands, the majestic Halong Bay was recently crowned one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Steeped in legend, the name Halong “Descending Dragon”, only adds to the mystery of its beauty. Whether the mist descends upon the bay bringing a chill to the air and the hush of hallowed silence, or if the sun is shining bright and the bay explodes with shocks of vivid color, you will not be disappointed at this marvel of the earth. Also home to one of the world’s most epic caves, the DAU GO cave is simply stunning in its size and depth, displaying stalactites and stalagmites rarely seen anywhere else on the earth. There are options for every person from just a day to trip to overnight stays on the calm waters of Halong, but regardless of your choice, enjoy the fairytale scenery that is better than anything you have seen in the movies.

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