What is your mindset when you are sick? We are told we have to be sad, depressed and downtrodden when we are sick. When we picture a sick person it usually looks like bed ridden, flu symptoms, a runny nose, headache, body aches, sore throat, anyone feeling sick yet? That might be how you feel in the moment, but your mindset and perspective in the moment is critical, as are the people around you.

Natural Medicine for the moment includes, but is not limited to:

1. Laughter (Listen to funny comedians, watch funny videos, or movies)

2. Dancing (When no one is watching if you are really bad or shy)

3.Listening to Uplifting Music (Often paired with dancing)

4. Singing (Even if you are not good it releases feel good chemicals in your brain)

5. Focus on What you will do when you are better (Makes your body get better faster and increases will power)

6. Don’t let people around you who feel bad for you (only positive people not pity people)

7. You are not a victim, but a victor. Victors rise, victims stay down. Arise and shine.

These are just a few helpful tips not only for when you are sick, but so that you can also incorporate them into your everyday life to stay positive, joyful, productive, healthy and excited not only in the moment but also for the days to come. If this helped you, subscribe to our blog to continue receiving uplifting life hacks, inspiring messages, and encouraging content.