One of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in all of the world can be witnessed in the deserts of Israel. As the Almond trees blossom telling us the Spring time is not far away, the rainy season comes. As the rain falls and the sun shines on the lifeless desert, what was once bleak and brown transforms into a green prairie full of colorful blooming flowers as far as the eye can see. Dry dusty cliffs become heavy flowing waterfalls overnight and hibernating seeds nearby wake up.

Most people do not realize just how small Israel is, but for its size, its geographic diversity is striking. At the same time, the deserts are in bloom and come to life, you can drive a couple of hours to the north to Mount Hermon where you can ski the slopes.

If that’s not your thing drive south to Eilat where the weather is still at a nice 25 degrees celsius (75-80 Fahrenheit). No matter the season Israel has something for you, but if you want to see a desert become a carpet of green grass and blooming flowers, now is the time! Come to Israel, the wonderland of the Middle East. Stay tuned for more wonderful places