Meek Foundation

Meek Foundation has been established since 2007 on the basis to support health, education and assistance for disaster victims in Indonesia, which there are unfortunately no shortage of. With volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, Tsunamis and flooding being a regular occurrence in Indonesia, without the help of foundations like Meek, countless people would go without assistance of any kind.

The Beginning

The foundation has since then initiated and/or partnered with both government and private organizations all over Indonesia to bring hope and light to people who are in need and forgotten. They have mastered the public (government) private (business) partnership relationship which has allowed the foundation to make great strides where others have failed. What makes Meek so unique though is that it was founded by 28 entrepreneurial couples, husbands and wives, who shared the same vision to bring positive change to Indonesia, understanding that they could make a greater impact together rather than alone.

Answering a need

Many think of disaster relief to mean immediate assistance, but what about after the fact? What about food, schools, jobs, etc. This is where Meek steps in. They respond with not only immediate aid, but also long term support like rebuilding schools and equipping the students with character education until today. We had the opportunity to visit Marunda, in the North of Jakarta where victims of the Jakarta flood in 2013 who lost their homes were re-located.

Most had lost everything, and to be re-located to government built apartment flats also meant to be taken away from everything they knew. In the beginning, with permission from the government, Meek Foundation temporarily took over the role of government providing garbage and waste disposal, farming assistance, building, repairs, hygiene training, social communication, education and business development. As of now, the government has been able to gradually provide all of these things once again with the exception of social communication and education which Meek Foundation continues to pour its heart into. We witnessed first hand countless testimonies of families transformed with the help of Meek Foundation.

Working with families

They are not only successful at producing lasting results because they work as a team, or because they have learned to work in partnership with the government and other foundations and initiatives, but also because of their core belief that the family is the building block of a prosperous society. Their focus on character education and social communication is not just for the children, but for the parents as well. On top of that, volunteers work on a full time basis in the communities, meaning the they are not just there for a moment then gone, but it’s their home too.

Building the community

At a ceremony in East Nusa Tengarra, on one of the most eastern islands of Indonesia called Timor, we witnessed yet another project that Meek Foundation had initiated based on a need. At a ceremony at a local power plant, Meek Foundation handed the keys over to the governor’s wife to a brand new Library on wheels.

This customized van was able to service an entire community out of the reach of the main city and a good education with all of the books and learning material they would need. Creative solutions to age old problems are bringing hope, dignity and a future to people who once lived according to their circumstances, and are now thinking and living according to their own potential thanks to a foundation that is taking a wholistic approach and serving with a meek and humble heart. What can be achieved together far outweighs that which we can do alone.