Morocco: Don’t Miss Out

As one of the gems of Africa, Morocco ranks as one of our all time most interesting countries and certainly a very travel worthy place no matter what you are looking for. With beautiful coastlines spanning both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediteranean Sea along with endless desert in the south and the Atlas Mountains in the north you can go surfing, camel riding, and snowboarding all in the same day if you like.

Morocco also boasts having 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with some of the best cuisine in the entire world. Whether it is culture, nature, luxury, language, or adventure you are looking for Morocco checks all the boxes. If you love football (soccer), you will find that in Morocco it is nearly a religious experience with fans being fiercely loyal to their local teams. Going to a match is a must.

Morocco hosts the tallest religious structure in the world, but is also a mecca for far out peace loving free spirited people ever since the late Jimmy Hendrix made Morocco his home. Most Moroccans speak at least three languages so getting around is not too difficult without google translate, and if you fancy driving across the beautiful nation it is fairly straight forward to rent a car, but the rules of the road have some grey area as you will see.

Oh, and then there’s the cats, they are everywhere, and accepted by all in Morocco, so if you are not a fan of cats or allergic it might not be your cup of tea. And speaking of tea, it is the national drink of Morocco, also known as “Berber Whiskey”. And speaking of Berbers, the indigenous people of Morocco, they make up 40% of the population and tend to live in harsher climates like the desert or high in the mountains, with some exceptions of course, and you will see most signs also written in the Berber language which is very unique.

The history of of Morocco is many layers deep stooped in legend, myth, victories, and tragedy all woven together to make what is today one of the richest and most colorful cultures in the world. If you aren’t convinced yet then that’s another reason to see what the hype is all about, buy that plane ticket and prepare for the adventure vacation of a lifetime, open your mind to the new experiences that are ahead, and let the wonders of Morocco sweep you off your feet. We hope you enjoy Morocco! OW1P, signing out.

Stay Tuned