In the unforgiving and lifeless landscape of the Negev Desert in southern Israel, a miracle brought people from far and wide. An Oasis had sprung up in the desert nearly overnight as the water from the recent and unusually heavy rains culminated in a beautiful pool of clear turquoise blue water, while beautiful desert flowers awoke from their arid slumber, shocks of red, blue, purple and yellow dotting the landscape. In stark contrast to the hot, dry weather and typically very hard ground, it was cause for celebration! People from around the country came to see the transformation of the desert and enjoy a cold and refreshing swim. About a half-hour drive from the scenic town of Mitzpe Ramon which is situated atop the cliff looking down into the vast desert below, you can see clearly from afar the different colors of black, red, white and shades of brown sand and dirt spattered throughout the desert plain.

The same could be seen on the shores of the new desert oasis in Makhtesh Ramon, with the different colors of sand and dirt surrounding it. Despite Israel’s small size, it has almost every type of nature in the world. If you love the snow head north to Mount Hermon. If you love the beach, the shores of Tel Aviv will take your breath away. If the lake suits you enjoy the Sea of Galilee. From lush forests to vineyards, snow-capped mountains and deserts, beaches, rivers, and lakes, Israel has something for everyone no matter the time or season. You will not be disappointed when you visit this diverse and ancient place. Come see the hidden gems Israel has to offer and experience the nation away from the TV screen. Come swim in the desert and feast your eyes upon the miracle of life in such an unforgiving place.

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