Daniel Mananta

From Ideas to Action: Since the surprise start of his career as the winner of MTV Indonesia VJ (Video Jockey) Hunt in 2003, Daniel Mananta has gone on to be a nationally and regionally renowned TV Host , VJ and Actor on shows like Asian Idol, Indonesian Idol, and The Voice Indonesia, as well as starring in multiple hit movie roles in his career. Continuing in his successful career, Daniel has since become a successful Entrepreneur starting his own clothing brand called DAMN! I LOVE INDONESIA. As a statement of love for Indonesian culture, and being a proud Indonesian himself.

Susi Susanti - Love All

Daniel is a visionary. He sees something in his mind, feels it with his heart, and is able to bring it from the idea phase into reality. He has done just that in co-producing his latest movie called Susi Susanti – Love All, a movie that tells the riveting tale of the first Olympic Gold Medalist in Indonesian history coupled with the divisive and unifying history of the country. From the idea phase to the day of the movie premiere, the amount of work is staggering. The number of moving parts that must come together in perfect synchronization to portray the original idea and intent of the heart for the film is mind boggling. For a visionary like Daniel and so many other bold men and women such as himself, they will tell you it is worth the price in dollars and hours to bring to life an idea that has the ability to impact thousands and millions, and in this case to bridge the gaps of division that still exist today in Indonesia. From start to finish, the production of Susi Susanti – Love All faced obstacles and adversity at every turn, but with pure grit and determination and a faith in the vision, it was accomplished and has had a unifying impact on the nation ever since.


To all of you visionaries out there, remember that perseverance, and a never quit attitude will take you from start to finish. Always remember to be true to the initial vision and purpose you received from the beginning so that the magnitude of its impact will even shake and shape nations. Stand on the shoulders of those who have come before you and reach higher and farther than anyone has before as you bring imagination into the ream of reality.