If you want to know how to succeed in nearly any type of business, Eunice Hong has done it. Having had 4 different types of businesses and created 8 successful companies out of these business models, her track record of success speaks for itself. She has wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was a child growing up in the small village of Kulai Malaysia, and chased that dream finally graduating from the University of Adelaide in Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce. Her drive took her far, but she is the first to admit that things have not always been easy, and even going so far as to say that she is only successful today because of how much experience she has gained through her many failures. Failure is another opportunity to learn from our mistakes, not an excuse to give up.

Failure is another opportunity

This lifestyle has allowed her to understand what a good business is and how to create, run, and manage a company that impacts lives for the better. If there was ever a golden rule for entrepreneurs this is it. Her reason for being a business woman and a key to her success and driving force is to help the people who are within her influence to be the best they can be in order to bless others. It is not selfish ambition or pride, but actually in service to others, something exceedingly rare in the business field today.

As a clear vision for the future is extremely important for a successful entrepreneur, one rule Eunice lives by is to not step out of her lane. One of her greatest fears is to get distracted and move into an area of business that is not part of her calling, causing her to lose focus of her purpose. To keep this from happening, she constantly reflects on her daily activities, and her personally self-reflection includes spending time with God in prayer in order to search out the motives of her heart to make sure she is not off-track from the original calling. It is very good for an entrepreneur to constantly check and re-check themselves in all areas to be sure that one is not taking steps back, but only forward.

By investing in a unique work culture and environment, her companies treat every employee like a family member of their own. They don’t work in the company, they live and grow with it which in turn builds a legacy to be the model for the younger generation to bring blessing to the next generation. Also, through this vision, they are able to be their customers and partners most preferred and reliable partners. This after many years of learning from mistakes and failure of the past. If you are just graduating High School or college, and thinking about being an entrepreneur yourself these are three practical pieces of advice Eunice Hong has for you to one day be a successful entrepreneur seeing your dreams come true.

  1. Identify your true self and true passion and talent.
  2. Get a mentor or coach who has done that and been there in your area of interest to start coaching you.
  3. If you follow this simple strategy, your success rate is at least more than 60%. The rest depends on the right timing and opportunity.

One person can change the world, and that person is you. Failure is not defeat, it is the pathway to success, so enjoy the process, stay true to you, don’t get distracted, stay focused, and make your dreams come true.