Next stop: Portugal

A country of many mysteries and majestic places waiting to be explored, Portugal has a very storied past, a culture and language that spans the globe, and is today a a patchwork quilt of beautiful places and friendly people. The Capital of Portugal is Lisbon or Lisboa and the second largest city is Porto or Oporto, which is very famous for the strong sweet wine made there which is also called Porto. From the south to the north you will find yourself taking in Portuguese culture and cuisine which is some of the finest in the world, and wondering if your vacation could be indefinite.

If you crave the city life or walks and hikes through nature Portugal has it all. Whether by car, train, or bus you will be able to see Portugal in all of its beauty. In Lisbon you will find endless historical sites and attractions that take you through the high times of the Portuguese Empire and inevitably bring you to the Arya Augusta Arch through which you see the port of Lisbon where countless voyages from famous explorers of antiquity embarked.

From this famed city of Explorers and the once admired and feared heart of the Portuguese Empire, make your way north up the coast to Oporto where you will find equally stunning views and a whole new vibe compared to Lisboa. Se Do Porto, or the Cathedral of Porto is the centrepiece of this beautiful city and the Mercado de Bilbao is a must visit for an authentic local feel of a traditional Portuguese market. If you are looking for a little fun in the sun check out the Parque das Aguas and don’t forget to take an Oporto tour including the world famous vineyards and wineries.

As for the rest of Portugal you will find the friendliest of people ready to help you with almost anything, who have adventure in their very blood, and you will discover a country brimming with opportunities to explore. Enjoy Portugal as long as you can and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to stay. See you there!

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