The Power of the Mind is like a snowball rolling down a hill, at first it is very small then it grows and grows until it reaches the bottom of the hill and it is bigger than a person. At first it’s just a doubt or worry then it becomes anxiety, then we suppress that anxiety which then becomes depression. Or we can think like a rocket ship or a fighter jet. At first you are just look up at where you want to go, then you start to go down the runway, then you take off and in stead of just looking up from the ground you are now flying faster than the speed of sound until you are so high, you can see the earth from outer space. The mind is powerful. First we make a choice to have hope and faith, and look up instead of down. The more we have hope and faith, it then becomes resolve and perseverance which then becomes action, and action becomes fulfillment.

Many people are saying that this will be the Corona generation, but with a negative connotation, saying our generation will grow up in fear, with out hope or freedom to choose, but that is snowball thinking. We refuse to be that generation, and instead will look to the stars, to the impossible being made possible, and dreams becoming reality. We accept the challenge, and just as any great man or woman that has ever walked the face of the earth, we choose to eat adversity for lunch and make it success by dinner. If you find yourself thinking with a snowball mindset, it’s time to let the sunshine in and melt the snow. You were not created for mediocrity, but victory. Everyone who has told you you are less than, prove them wrong. For those of you who are looking to the stars, don’t take your eye off the prize, let people doubts and negativity roll off you like raindrops, dry yourself off and move on. Corona means crown in Spanish, so if people want to refer to us as the King and Queen generation, that’s fine by me.

Stay Tuned