Pozas Celestes Costa Rica

There are some places you just have to go to believe it really is the way people describe it, and Pozas Celestes (Blue Pools) in Sarchí, Costa Rica is on the top of that list. About an hour and 45 minute drive from the Capitol City San Jose, You will drive through beautiful small towns in the highlands of the nation and into the beautiful pristine rainforests of Costa Rica. Located in the small town of Toro Amarillo, there are great selections of bed and breakfast hotels along the river, with a spectacular view of the lush green Cerro Congo Volcano. Making your way to the Pozas Celestes you will undoubtedly encounter avid youth on dirt bikers making their way to the mountains and muddy trails across the river into parts of the rainforest. The Pozas Celestes (Blue Pools) are not just bluer than the bluest sky, but also have a very peculiar addition to their attraction. Next door in Rio Agrio cup your hands and drink some of the pristine fresh water from the river, and you will believe you are drinking Ice Cold lemonade fresh squeezed and delicious. Yep you heard us right, the natural mixture of minerals in the river make the test extra special. It is not dangerous to drink btw. If you are up for an adventure outside the scope of normal tourist destinations this is the place for you, and expect to stay for a couple of days as the number of nearby mind-blowing natural attractions like waterfalls and wildlife are just minutes away. Lounge in the pools, listen to the abundance of life all around you and soak up the unrivaled beauty of Costa Rica. We will understand if you decide not to leave.

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