Saudi Arabia: A Land of Wonder

By far one of the biggest up and coming tourist destinations in the world is Saudi Arabia. The kingdom has doled out billions of dollars to welcome a new wave of tourism to a country that has been by and large unexplored by the world’s jet setters. With a very rich history and culture as well, the once largely passed over region is now home to the world’s most oil rich country.

Saudi Arabia boasts pristine coastlines and untouched marine life, modern cities like the capital Riyadh, Jedda, Mecca and Medina where you will find no shortage of malls and plenty of air conditioning which is a must in the hot Saudi summers. In the less explored outskirts of Saudi Arabia in the vast deserts and breathtaking landscapes one can enjoy true Bedouin hospitality, in elaborate tents, sipping famous Saudi coffee and tea with dates beneath the exquisite starry skies at night and in the shade by day..

Most places have yet to be commercialized outside of main cities which has kept a lot of the natural beauty untouched and in tact as though you were the first person to visit. No long lines for pictures and crowded places as well as open spaces ripe to be explored. Soon to be introduced to the world stage is also a brand new futuristic city called NEOM which has been under construction for years now. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has already invested 500 billion USD on it with other major investors adding billions more. As the construction is underway other cities are popping up in the Northwest of the Country where NEOM is being built along with highways and byways that are making this beautiful part of Saudi Arabia more readily accessible.

If it is religion that interests you, Mecca the holiest city in Islam would be your cup of tea, and if things like the crossing point of the Red Sea from the Biblical story of the Exodus of Israel and other famous and unexplored places from the Torah, Bible, and Koran are scattered throughout the country ready to be explored. Speaking of religion, if you fancy a glass of wine or a cocktail you will have to go without as the law forbids it outright, but rest assured there is more than enough to keep you occupied otherwise. Be sure to keep Saudi Arabia at the top of you adventure bucket list though because before too long it will be a tourist destination renowned throughout the world, and crowds will inevitably grow larger.

Now is the time to visit the country while you can still see its unobstructed beauty. You will see the finest of things as well as being able to take a step back in time when the people of Saudi Arabia were mostly nomadic people who were experts at thriving in the desert. So whether it is the city life, A/C, fine dining, and world class shopping, or rugged adventure on the high seas, sand dunes, and mountainous terrain, Saudi Arabia has something for everyone. See you soon in Saudi Arabia!

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