Ancient and Modern Saudi Arabia

Countryside of Saudi Arabia (Ancient Midian) Biblical adventures, NEOM, ask us more info to connect you with the best tour guides in the country.

Until recently Saudi Arabia has not been one of the most sought after vacation destinations, but that has drastically changed with the Saudi government recent push for tourism to explode and recent revelations of the Biblical Mount Sinai being located in the countries Northwest.

So we decided to go on an adventure and explore the region where the ultra modern smart city called Neom is being constructed in what was once ancient Midian. Huge infrastructure projects and outlying cities in the countries northwest have boomed overnight because of the mega city’s construction and these places just so happen to be in the same places where ancient Israel made its Exodus after crossing the Red Sea.

Just to prove this to be true we made our way from the historic crossing point at the Red Sea to Elim the second stop of the Israelites at the 12 Springs which are still there today. We made our way to the split rock where Moses hit the rock twice with his staff and water came pouring out. It was much bigger than we anticipated and requires a hike to the top. From there we made our way to none other than Mount Sinai where the altar of the golden calf still remains with petroglyphs and all depicts what had happened there. And close by at the base of Mount Sinai sits the altar of Moses where he set up twelve pillars representing the twelve tribes, the remains of which are still there. Looking up from the altar the top of Mount Sinai one can see pitch black burnt top of the mountain where the Bible says God visited Moses.

Whatever your beliefs it was surreal to be in the same place of a nearly three thousand years old price of history and to experience the unique and hospitable culture and insanely delicious food of our Saudi friends. The views and sunsets in the desert mountains were mesmerizing, and the fact that much of it will soon be a futuristic metropolis only made it better that we could see it while still untouched. For a great discount of the best tour guide in the region shoot us a comment and we will be sure you pay as little as possible for the best experience. Don’t miss out on your soon adventure to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

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