The Marina Bay was packed with such a multitude of people on the eve of 2020 that the Metro signs were giving warnings on the way of extreme crowding. The streets were expertly cordoned off as tens of thousands of people celebrated in every imaginable way, some waiting and watching with friends and family with great anticipation for the stroke of midnight, and others dancing the night away. The massive stage next to the waters of the bay lit up the night sky with neon colors, and live music blared until the ultimate crescendo finally came. 500 hundred drones took to the sky like a brilliantly choreographed dance as they effortlessly created a show of giants in the night sky.

A voice boomed over the bay in unison with the drones, retelling the historic landing of Raffles, a show of the roaring Merlion of Singapore, a giant running man, and finally a gigantic clock that counted us down to midnight. As the clock struck 12 one of the largest fire works displays in the world rocked the whole of the city. The booming fireworks echoed off the skyscrapers around us and the finale shook us where we stood. The party went on well into the night on the shores of the waters of the bay, and the hotels, bars and restaurants showed no sign of slowing for hours more into the night. We all brought in 2020 in different ways and in different circumstances, but the question is, will we do life or will it do us this year? Our circumstances don’t define us. It is time for us to be the effect this year instead of being effected. Happy 2020!