Tiny But Fancy

Yep, not only is Singapore one of the smallest countries #20 in the World, it is also one of the richest with half of Singaporeans in the world’s richest 10% and 226,000 in the top 1% according to Business Insider Singapore.

A Young Mer-Lion

Sandwiched in between Indonesia and Malaysia, it is also one of the youngest countries in the world at a little more than 50 years since it became a republic, but as the city’s Mer-Lion mascot suggests, it is not to be messed with. Singapore has survived and thrived as one of the world’s key and most influential financial hubs ever, made even more wealthy by the recent flight of many of Hong Kong’s wealthiest individuals and companies due to the prolonged riots and protests. .

All Aboard!

Got the travel bug? If so we would recommend getting married to a Singaporean or becoming a multi-multi-millionaire. The Singaporean passport is the best in the world! That’s right, visa free or visa on arrival access to 189 countries around the world, basically the Rolls Royce of passports.

Eat More Mints!

Oh yea one more thing, it’s one of the cleanest cities/countries in the world #5 partly because chewing gum is illegal, unless you have a prescription. Yea, for real, a prescription. Hope you like mints!