South Korea: You Can’t Just Visit Once

With a history spanning 5,000 years and today one of the most powerful nations in the world, Korea is a kaleidoscope of beautiful places, incredible culture and welcoming people, amazing food, unforgettable natural beauty, and when you look deeply into its history you will find a people who’s character has been sharpened by both immense tragedy and triumphant come backs.

South Korea is very distinct in East Asia with huge differences between China and Japan, but also some comforting similarities. Visit Seoul the capital of South Korea and be impressed by the mega city with everything a person could want from the most high end shopping, spas, hotels, Michelin star restaurants, and extraordinary customer service wherever you go. Add to that terrific parks and amazing mountain adventures less than any hour away and you are set.

But just an hour north, you will find yourself at the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone where you can see from the garrisons of soldiers there that are available to the public the opposing North Korean border and guard posts. South Korea and North Korea are still officially at war since the Korean War that split the country in two. The North is a communist dictatorship with hardships such as starvation and plagues that are common place due to its leadership and sanctions from other countries, wile South Korea is basically the opposite in every way.

The contrasts are deep to say the least, and the threat of rocket attacks and invasion are very real, but this is something the people of South Korea have grown accustom to and see it simply as part of every day life. This may seem extreme to your average tourist, but it has been the norm since before 1960. To the south you will find the always warm and beautiful island of Jeju where life is slower, more full of nature and less bustling than cities like Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, and Daejeon. In most of Korea you will have all four seasons to look forward to and in the Spring time it is an absolute delight to see the blossoming of nearly every tree in the country.

Besides all of these amazing experiences, South Korea is known for having the best spas and skin treatments in the world. It is the global capital of plastic surgery and cosmetics, and if becoming younger and more beautiful is your goal look no further than Seoul. If you are looking to experience another culture and way of life with all of the comforts of the world as well as the reality of the dangers of it, and to be invited by some of the most welcoming people in the world Korea is for you. After you come here once you will most certainly be back because there is simply too much to do, and too many new friends you will have to come back to see. See you there!

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