St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

There are loads of places one can stay and visit while in the ancient yet modern city of London, England, but none quite like St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Built nearly 150 years ago, this Venetian Gothic Style complex stands out glaringly and its iconic towers stand tall as the frontispiece of King’s Cross railway station, one of the busiest in London. Upon entering, it is one part rustic, one part chic and one part royal. The rooms are high ceilinged and elegant in design with furnishings that will bring you back to the late 1800’s plus all of the modern amenities. The famous grand staircase spirals up the height of the hotel topped off by a vaulted hand painted ceiling that will leave you staring for some time. If there was ever a space you feel under-dressed just walking through the halls, this is it. Close your eyes long enough and you can picture the fine ladies and gentlemen of one and a half centuries ago wining, dining, and dancing about.

Plan your visit or stay, get your cameras ready, and plan your outfits well for St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.