It is time to exercise the smile muscles of our thoughts! When we smile our bodies immediately release chemicals that reduce stress, and the same goes with our thoughts, except on a far greater scale longer period of time. Chances are that you, like myself during these unprecedented times of Coronavirus have had brief moments of anxiety, fear, stress, or worry. That’s natural, but it’s not the end! It’s amazing how what we THINK about the most shapes our FEELINGS, our ACTIONS, and ultimately our ATTITUDE. For all of us, now is the moment to use this knowledge to our advantage! While many people are letting the adversity of the situation cause them to THINK negatively, we will defy the odds together and reverse the trend! We control what we think about and focus on, so it’s time to take control of our minds and exercise the smile muscles. Two choices lie before us. The first choice is to THINK about more negative things than positive, causing us to FEEL bad, ACT depressed and have a bad ATTITUDE.

The second choice is to THINK more positive thoughts, causing us to FEEL good, ACT pleasant, and have a good ATTITUDE. Who would you rather be around? Who would you rather be? This the moment we decide to be joyful even in the midst of turmoil, and a blessing to those around us who are struggling, instead of a burden. Join us in taking advantage of this time to smile more, laugh a lot, and exercise the smile muscles of our thoughts. Comment below and tell us how you have been fighting the battle against negativity during these unprecedented times, staying positive, and being a light to others. Remember, we are all in this together!

Stay Tuned