Costa Rica

One of the most unique countries in the world for a number of reasons as well as one of the most desired to travel to on earth is none other than Costa Rica. It is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and to protect this natural wonder of the world the government has made a concerted effort since the 1970’s to keep it pristine. Nearly 30% of the country is designated as national parks, reserves, wildlife refuges, and protected zones, all of which are open to explore.

As far as vacation goes, Costa Rica has beautiful white sand beaches, jungles, forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes in abundance. And because of Costa Rica’s location you can have breakfast on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean and dinner on the Pacific coast. A couple of fun facts about Costa Rica are that it doesn’t have a standing army and everywhere you go you can drink the water fresh and clean from the tap.

Resorts and hotels of every kind are plentiful throughout the country for any budget, and you can always expect to be greeted with kindness and hospitality from the Costa Rican People. Adding to its already treasured landscapes are its volcanoes, more than 120 throughout the country, both active and dormant which make for a spectacular site to any observer. The enormous volcanic craters located in Costa Rica’s mountain ranges provide a wide variety of exciting activities.

Go on canopy tours, waterfall rappelling or horseback riding. Give the therapeutic hot springs and mud a try as well. National Park reserves, protected areas, water parks, sky trams, zip line canopy tracks, hanging bridges, wildlife sanctuaries, world-class spas, and retreats are other great activities await your visit.

If that wasn’t enough, the food will blow your mind, and the service you receive is world class. Costa Rica has it all and in order for you to explore it all with enough time you would have to live there for a life time, which means one trip is not enough and you will surely be coming back for more.

To top it all off the weather is fantastic all year round as it is so close to the equator meaning no matter the time of year Costa Rica is waiting for you. Time to forget the winter exists and pack your bags today! See you there.

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