How many times have you asked yourself that question?  Every person has, but don’t get it twisted, society likes to tell us life just isn’t fair and we should just deal with it, which means there’s nothing you can do about.

Don’t listen to liars and misinformed people. Life is never against you, but you can be. Life’s journey is about decisions, and you can decide whether to persevere and overcome, or not.  That’s on you.

Your potential for greatness is immeasurable, so don’t let anyone tell you your worth.  You are not worthless, you are priceless!

Will there be hard times and difficult decisions? Of course, but pressure and hardship build character, which gives us hope that will never disappoint us.

Let NEVER QUIT be your motto, and have a mentality of excellence, and you will see your hardships turned into precious treasure, hard work into priceless lessons, and perseverance be the bullet proof vehicle that sees you achieve greatness.

You are great, you are priceless, and soon you will hear people say, “What happened to you?!”