Zurich: Switzerland’s Largest City

The largest city in Switzerland which like Geneva is situated on the shores of a lake after its own name is the big brother of Geneva in many ways. The river of Limmat runs all the way through Zurich from south to north out of Lake Zurich which is fed by glaciers creating a beautiful ambience as one walks through the city. Boat tours of the lake and river are a wonderful way to take in the natural beauty as well as seeing Zurich from a different vantage point as you take in the sites from the river. To see the beautiful historic side of Zurich a walk through Old Town will make you think you’ve gone back in time hundreds of years seeing row after row of expertly renovated old houses and flats that are highly sought after today.

Going back even further, Lindenhof Hill has been settled since the time of the Romans where you can find ruins still today. Quaint coffee shops and charming restaurants are everywhere and the level of the preservation of old and ancient architecture leaves you feeling you are living in multiple timelines, especially when you visit Nierdordorf where you will see all of the old houses and trading posts the same as before now being used as restaurants.

Cathedrals are a staple of Zurich and the one that is famous for the Zurich skyline is Grossmunster. The best way to see Zurich though is from what is known as the top of Zurich, Mount Uetilberg. By train from the main station it’ll take a quick 20 minutes, and the view is absolutely worth it. Seeing Zurich and the lake surrounded by mountains and forest is jaw dropping and for a little extra cash you can go even higher up to the top of the observation tower. You might even get lucky like we did and see the hang gliders jumping from the top towards Zurich.

Unlike Geneva where most people speak French you may have to switch it up in Zurich because the majority of people speak German. Most people know some English as well so that should help, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t. Zurich also has a much more vibrant night life than Geneva so if you are down for a party Zurich will not let you down and if its fine dining or a simple meal to get you by Zurich has it all. Public transportation is simple, easy, and affordable and the more walking you do the better as you will stumble upon beautiful architecture, parks, public squares, monuments etc. that you would never find otherwise.

If you are interested in taking your trip to another level take a day trip to the top of Europe to the top of a mountain called Jungfraujoch. The peak juts out of Europe’s longest glacier and it is always guaranteed snow 365 days of the year. It is also a UNESCO Word heritage site, and besides just the views you can also tour the ice palace there with all of its incredible ice sculptors. So if you want to say you have been to the top of Europe it’s just a day trip away. Do yourself a favor and do what you’ve got to do to find yourself in Zurich! See you there!